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We're a polish software house that helps fast growing brands and startups build digital products and improve recognition. By working with us, we provide you with care from the very beginning of your business to the finished product, maintaining the entire structure and scaling it.

Our projects


e-commerce Mobile app


ERP system UI & UX

Jednostka Paintballowa

Business website


E-commerce store

Volante Cars

Business website


Mobile Development

We provide mobile applications with amazing user interface for iOS and Android - using mainly React Native framework and native solutions for each platform.

Web Development

Nowadays a website is an absolute must-have for every business owner. We will make sure that each of your clients can easily find what they need from your company thanks to a great user experience.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are web applications that look and behave like regular web pages (meaning they can be found in web browsers). A user using progressive applications on a smartphone is actually using a website that looks like a mobile application.

Backend Development

We take care of the whole server-side of your application. The core technology we use is Node.js, which gives modern and scalable possibilities in conjunction with databases - MongoDB and Firebase.

SEO and Advertisement

We combine positioning and advertising your business into a package ideally suited to your market, thus helping you gain recognition and customer base.

IT Consulting

We offer custom IT and business consulting services, especially at the initial stages of project implementation. We will help you plan the future and growth of your business properly.


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